Quality from Russia.

04 августа 2020 г.

Our company is the largest container manufacturer in Russia. Our product range is very extensive. We offer containers for various industries. Our clients are companies that transport waste as well as regional operators throughout the country.

The main container for waste disposal was developed by our company in 2015. it is a modern container of the HARDBEND series. The container design allows you to tamp garbage with a tractor to increase the maximum volume of transported waste. A round tube on top of the container prevents the loader from crumpling the container, and the flat walls of the container make it easy to unload waste. In Russia, these containers are so popular that they can be found in any part of the country.

We can produce containers of any size and modifications. We can produce 10 containers with a volume of 36 cubic meters per day.

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Quality from Russia.Quality from Russia.